Horror Show

Want to leave a show looking over your shoulder?  Do you have a dark sense of humour? Then you might try this show.

Horror Show

The concept of this show is to horrify you about the state of our world, in my summary. They deal with real life occurrences and harrowing ‘truths’. It's delivered in a comedic fashion and they make reasonably good use of projection, and even bring in a fun technique of using this to play ‘adverts’ similar to what you'd see watching a film on TV.

It takes a bit to follow what’s going on, and you need to accept that they rarely ‘find their light’ - which I can mainly put down to poor lighting design on this show generally. Perhaps on the night I saw Horror Show the cast weren’t focused, as not only did they keep missing their light but it feels messy.  Whilst they played off each other very well; they didn’t seem entirely in sync and on numerous occasions they were trying to talk over films they were playing on the screen - maybe sound levels weren’t right, maybe they hadn’t rehearsed well enough - but for those sitting further back it was definitely difficult to hear and follow. I can see they were trying to keep some pace to the show, and overall it is delivered in a way that your certainly not sat bored - you’re intrigued as to what comes next, and you don’t have to wait around for a lengthy story.

In fact, the one ‘lengthier’ story came from ‘Harold' and he gave a brilliant performance for a few minutes recounting a story. He (and Arthur) built up the tension spectacularly and I definitely saw some quality acting. You were drawn in, they delivered at speed, and this was probably the best part of the show.

There were some laughs, but it certainly wasn’t raucous or consistent. The humour is perhaps niche, at times a little distasteful, and sometimes very good. It is a mixed bag of a show. A show that has potential, but needs some further development and input from another set of eyes. I’d like to see this again as a refined immersive theatre piece - probably ideal for the warehouse style venues or found space!

The Space on the Mile @ 22:40

Find out more and buy tickets at: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/horror-show

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