Maisie Adam: Vague

A comedian who won the "So You Think You're Funny?” competition 2017 and brings her warm but self-deprecating show about the north/south divide, height & epilepsy to Edinburgh.

Maisie Adam: Vague

Maisie greets us as we enter the room. It’s packed and fans are roaring in an attempt to cool the space. A lone mic stands on stage. Given the warm personable greeting and typical comedy club set-up awaiting, what do we expect?

Whatever we expected, we got a comedian who didn’t hold back. Who laid herself bare in the pursuit of comedy and entertainment. She acknowledged the heat, and interacted with the audience in what I’m now going to say is a characteristically warm way.

Her set is about a journey of discovery. Kicking off with her recent move to Brighton from Yorkshire with many humorous stories of both, then heading back to her teen-age years and working through some of the discoveries you make; although her experience was more unique than many of ours. So it’s an interesting story, told well and we certainly develop an affinity for her journey. She creates some excellent segues from one story to the next, and continues to weave her way throughout - sprinkling the set with some exceptionally cringing jokes given out in just the right way to be hilarious.

I can see how she won the competition last year, it’s nice to experience someone genuinely warm whilst being crass rather than just a brash bravado. Whilst it’s self deprecating mostly, it’s not done in an attempt to make us feel sorry for her really.  This is a show which is perhaps ‘just right’, and I’m confident we’ll be seeing much more of Maisie.

Gilded Balloon Teviot House @16:30

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Header Image Credit: Maisie Adam Website


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