Behind Our Skin

A unique and interesting show following the lives of two French women living in different countries and facing different challenges.

Behind Our Skin

Behind Our Skin follows the stories of two French women and their experiences with different cultures. One moves to England with her husband, and the other befriends a Muslim woman facing racism after moving to France.

The piece was very simply staged with minimal props and a chair each. The lighting was simple but effective, highlighting the woman telling the story and leaving the other in freeze-frame. The piece was constantly switching between the two women’s stories but was easy to follow and interesting to listen to.

Apart from the occasioanl stumble over lines and one section in the middle where the lighting seemed to be highlighting the person who wasn’t talking, this was a different and interesting piece of theatre. It was intriguing listen to the stories, but above this, it was just an okay piece of fringe theatre. I almost find myself struggling to say anything in this review, as I don't feel like there is much to say.

Unfortunately, a lot of noise could be heard from upstairs at one point, with a lot of chairs being moved around, and a good and quite intense ending was somewhat ruined by the technician applauding in the blackout, rather than leaving the audience to applaud in their own time - which I believe we would have done.

Despite these small things, this was a good piece of theatre which I enjoyed watching. The stories were interesting and interwoven well, keeping the audience interested from start to finish.

Behind Our Skin is on at Sweet Werks 1 at 16:45 until Monday 7th May. More information can be found by clicking here.


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