Awful Auntie Live on Stage!

Awful Auntie Live on Stage by  the Birmingham Stage Company at New Victoria Theatre in Woking. 

Awful Auntie Live on Stage!

My mum got the tickets from a lady on some sort of homeschooling organisation website. My best friend was going on the very same day so I think  that helped persuade us.

I saw ‘Awful Auntie’, originally written by David Walliams and it was performed by the Birmingham Stage Company.

The Birmingham Stage Company used four actors but I do not know their names.

When I first entered the theatre, I spent most of my time waving to my friend down in the stalls. Then, when the show actually started, I felt excited and very curious. I was very lucky to be sitting in the very middle with a great view of the large stage. Even though it was dark, we could make out four two story structures. Each one of them had a way of getting in and climbing to the top floor. There was still space between them so that the actors could walk around.This is also why I was terribly disappointed when all the killing started. The plot was terrible and shocking because of how rich people used to murder family members so they could be in charge.

I love acting and watching live performances. The acting there was so good that the characters felt like they were real people. Especially when the auntie came in and started telling lies and being mean to Stella, one of the other characters.

I mostly enjoyed the owl and how it’s puppets were made. It had three puppets: one that you could move it’s head and open it’s beak, one that could flap it’s wings so it looked like it was flying and a miniature flying one that they used when it was far away.                               

It is amazing the way the owl looked and it was just like the illustration on the front of the book.

Mostly I learned a little bit more about myself and that I don’t like being scared. It made me realise that theatre can be very powerful and tells a story as if I was there myself. 

I know it is supposed to be funny so maybe I should read the book next time before watching the play so that I’m not so shocked.

I enjoyed the show quite a lot. I think it was planned very well and the actors are brilliant.

But, the story it was based on was hideous, just like the auntie herself. I would consider it more of a horror rather than a children’s story, especially the violent end. 


  • Luke Taylor

    On 13 March 2018, 09:32 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Nice review! It's quite unusual to see David Walliams to write a horror for kids :S

  • Jason Lam

    On 13 March 2018, 20:19 Jason Lam commented:

    Very good blog but what was the things you said about the terribly disappointed when all the killing started?

  • Ela Fimowicz

    On 15 March 2018, 20:47 Ela Fimowicz commented:

    When I said 'when all the killing started' I meant when I found out that the auntie had murdered Stella's parents, her uncle and was even trying to kill Stella herself from the very beginning.

  • Jason Lam

    On 16 March 2018, 08:12 Jason Lam commented:

    OK i forgot they got poison by her auntie.

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