Joe Sutherland: Model/Actress

Joe Sutherland is addicted to attention. He'll spend the hour telling you why he deserves it.

Joe Sutherland: Model/Actress

Firstly, the title is a factual one – he both acts and models, having rocked BAFTA-winning film Pride (2015) as well as Paris Fashion Week.

His routine is deliberately self-reverential. Not for any reason in particular, he just needs to be famous. He goes through anecdotal and observational gags to illustrate to us his numerous talents.

On top of this, he delves into his previous life as a model and how, when things started to dry up, he was encouraged to develop a more butch model persona. Naturally, he does this via a slight detour around his lifelong infatuation with the Spice Girls.

He throws the coyness around the first couple of shows out of the window by not skirting around his poshness turns the show into a showcase for how confidence creates security. Some gags are a bit trite but there's so much originality in his quick-fire treatment of all manner of personal topics. There's no time for sob stories around homophobia towards and, instead, delivers a master class in not giving a shit about your detractors.

Sutherland gets us to see him in and amongst as well as completely independent of his life experiences in the successful times and the less successful ones. He just wants to be famous and you can't begrudge him for that.

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