CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation

Improv is always a gamble, luckily the team behind 'CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation' are clearly a well-oiled machine on the UK festival circuit.

CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation

Bursting with charisma, mystery and the all-important laughter,'Crime Scene Improvisation' successfully landed an entertaining show. Stuffed into a sweltering shipping container, disguised in true festival fashion as a 'Theatre Box', this crack team of witty actors did well to hold the crowd's funny bone - despite the exotic climate.

With neatly nudged prompts from our hosts, the murder mystery that would inhabit the stage for the next hour was devised through audience participation. We had set up the essential ingredients; a victim, a place of death and a murder weapon. Let hilarity ensue.

A neat team of four, the assured group bounced off each other with teamwork to make the Avengers shiver. Superbly picking up cues and dropping red herrings in our murder mystery, there were no awkward refusals in sight, a well-worn risk with improv. Unfortunately the audience participation did sink at times, despite the cast's admirable efforts to keep it afloat. Similarly not every joke was successful, but the tight team redeemed themselves with their boundless energy and enthusiasm that was simply infectious.

Perhaps even more impressively, this crackpot team didn't resort to a single cheap dick joke. Now that is a triumph.


Maddie Drury

Maddie Drury Contributor

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 9 May 2017, 09:55 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Improv can be a difficult one, as you don't know whether the next joke is going to be funny or not. But the unpredictability of improv is also why it's so great!

  • Sienna James

    On 9 May 2017, 19:47 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    I looove the shipping container idea :P

  • Amy-Louise Tilley

    On 16 May 2017, 15:40 Amy-Louise Tilley Local Reporter commented:

    I went to see this show later in the festival. I love the idea of improvised comedy and this one was done quite effectively. I love the fact that nobody will see that exact show again!

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