Om Shanti Om | Shahrukh Khan Review

A review by Ebrahim of Om Shanti Om by Shahrukh Khan

Om Shanti Om | Shahrukh Khan Review

I am going to review a music video from Om Shanti Om by Shahrukh Khan. It is from a Indian bollywood film made in 2007. It is a supernatural romantic melodrama.

I like this video because I like Shahrukh Khans song and films. It has had lots of views on youtube 18,307,339 views!

In this video they are doing some dancing and also singing. The dancing is really good and there are lots of dancers. They wear colours. The girls are wearing Indian sari's and are beautiful and sparkly. They are very happy and it makes me happy.

As well as dancing they are acting and telling a story. Some of it is funny.

It makes me want to sing and dance.

I think my friends would like it because its fun and I like it.


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Lucy Thornton

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