NELLY 'Just a Dream'

A review by James Lawson on Nelly's music video for 'Just a Dream.'

NELLY 'Just a Dream'

I am going to review Nelly's music video 'Just a Dream'.

I first heard this song from a youtube video on board a London bus route service operating the route x68 from Russell Square to West Croydon.

I really liked the lyrics.

It was made in 2010 and is owned by Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. Nelly shot the music video to "Just a Dream" on August 26, 2010 at Playa del Rey in LA. The director was Sanji.

This is what Wikipedia says...

'Nelly goes sky high in a dramatic black-and-white video, sitting in his car while floating high above the ocean. Nelly looks down on his girl—Kat Graham—as she runs along the shore. He later he comes down to ground to take a trip to the club. While searching for his love, he mistakes a girl walking on the street—actress Bianca Siavoshy—for his girlfriend. His dream home, a wedding ring, and his car, items that had been floating above the beach, burst into flames, their ashes falling to the shore below. There are several shots of one of Nelly's eyes shattering as if made of glass.'

The car in the video is a custom-made Ford Mustang GT.

I like the video because it is in a black and white 1930s style. The bright lighting makes it look like a dream. Its very atmospheric. There is a car in the sky above the ocean and a big wedding ring rotating in the ocean which is also dreamlike. They blur the images a lot which I like.

At the end of the video the car and ring are on fire and debris is falling all around Nelly dramatically. His eye turns to glass and shatters. I never saw that in music videos. At the very end there is an extreme close up of his eye and you travel through it. Its weird.

The video as of today, November 8th 2016 has had 287,192,917 views. And it has had 1,124,335 likes and 29,938 dislikes. I like it. 1,124,336 INCLUDING ME!

The video makes me want to see Nelly at a proper concert. He plays live a lot and I would like to go. He would probably play in London in somewhere like the O2 arena. It's huge.


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