Will Duggan: A Man Gathering Fish

Will Duggan is a funny, quick and intelligent man who had his audience laughing at the ridiculous goings-on in his life from the start.

Will Duggan: A Man Gathering Fish

Will had many an anecdote to regale his audience with, and most didn't disappoint. Although the laughter was not as raucous as some stand-up comedians receive, myself and the rest of the audience were definitely smiling throughout, and there was a fair amount of laughing out loud at some of his more ridiculous stories.

I enjoyed how easily he engaged with the audience and used them both to make a point and to help aid a story. He clearly loves doing stand up: he was upfront and honest and told some great stories. For me, he wasn't laugh-out-loud funny, and although I appreciated his tales, I wasn't laughing until I cried or constantly laughing, which I think is the next step for him.

I think he shows great promise as a comedian and will undoubtedly build up to making his audience cry from laughter. Undeniably funny and undoubtedly intelligent, A Man Gathering Fish makes for some unique and very funny jokes that a lot of comedians couldn't come up with.

One to look out for. Brimming with the most fun and most personal of anecdotes, but the best is yet to come.

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Will Duggan: A Man Gathering Fish, is on at 18:45 until August 28th, excluding August 15th, at Pleasance Bunkers.


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