Lords of Strut: The Family Show

Family show does not, as I thought, mean exclusively for children!

Lords of Strut: The Family Show

I saw things in this show that will be etched in my mind for a long time. Sparkly hot pants, leotards, successfully going through a contortionist ring…. The list goes on. Did I mention that Lords of Strut were guys?

This is the family friendly show they are currently running in the Piccolo Tent, and it's certainly a big hit with the families. I felt like the odd one out because I wasn't in charge of a child, but that made the show no less enjoyable to me. I was left amazed at some of the displays of acrobatics and twirls – and that spoon…

Parents and children alike were in floods of laughter at the overdramatic, ludicrous yet genuinely funny performances of Famous Seamus and Sean-tastic. I struggle to recall a single joke that didn't hit the mark. What I particularly loved, out of the many great things to love, was how great the duo were at eliciting a response from the children. Perhaps it's because I don't view family shows much anymore, but to sit in a space where the whole audience is actively engaged, laughing, cheering and happy enough with themselves to shout out (innocently) is great, rather than the usual audience of skeptics who would secretly love the performer to screw up.

This is very much a show for children, with the silly voices and over-dramatization which could become grating, but like all good children's entertainment, there are jokes in there that the adults can enjoy too. I also believe that the dancing and acrobatics are universally enjoyable, and visually delightful.

If you have children and have had to endure an endless stream of children entertainment already, then recharge your tolerance batteries by seeing Lords of Strut. They are very mindful of the fact that parents are there too! As a cynical 20-something with no children, and little love for them either, I was actually glad to have shared that experience!

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Lords of Strut are performing at Assembly George Square Gardens. Tickets and more information can be found here.


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