Chris Cook: Truth or Dare

Comedy and Magic are two things that Chris Cook does quite well, which is good, because that is in a sentence, the crux of his show.

Chris Cook: Truth or Dare

He does some magic trickery, and makes the audience laugh. How he does it baffles me – the magic that is, not the humour. I shan't spoil the tricks, but I will just say that from the very first one - the first trick - I was perplexed. My perplexed demeanour persisted throughout the show, with each trick being more puzzling than the last. I say perplexed, not blown away, because while his tricks were impressive, they were jut variations on standard magic show/mentalist fodder. This doesn't immediately discount it from being a fun show to watch, just because something has been done a hundred times, it doesn't mean it's bad, or boring.

Cook's style of delivery is a pleasant mix of cheek and charm, and conjures forth this idea of him being in a school yard, showing his friends some magic. He is warm and welcoming to the audience, even coming out to greet them before they went into the venue (he even complimented me on my waistcoat), and during the show we are made to feel welcome. There is no sense of overdone theatricality, which works really well in his favour. This keeps the how feeling intimate, charming, and you leave feeling like you've just helped a good friend, by watching his show. He is good at what he does, and that's undeniable.

If you're looking for a really pleasant time, charming tricks, and some comedy that will warm your heart, then this is the show for you, but if you're looking for mind-blowing magic and humour that will have you nearly cracking a rib, then you'll want to go somewhere else.

Chris Cook: Truth or Dare is on in the Voodoo Rooms until the 30th of August, excepting the 17th. Show start at 12:00 and last for an hour. The performance is free and not ticketed, so arrive early to get a good seat! For more information, please go here.


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