The Man

A satirical take on the world in which we live. Sharp truths, witty observations and ironies exposed.

The Man

This is a late evening show restricted to those 16+ and thankfully the manner of delivery encourages you to keep your wits about you (that's if you were up at 6am to get to the fringe).

The Man is a character, more a notion, of someone in the speakers corner of Hyde Park, London. A Jester character like you might find from a film such as Watchmen, is what we are presented with.

He takes a not so light look at the dependencies we have in life today. He quips an "iPiphany" is what we have today. He also presents a well balanced and satirical argument on religious logic. Covering many angles and essentially establishing the irony of our differing approaches to fundamentalism across the spectrum in just one section.

I found there was a smooth transition from topic to topic, and cynicism was rife. I found the older audience members were first, and more frequent, to laugh, although some of the cynicism was clearly bore from the experience of life which some of the young audience members couldn't quite share in.

I found that his general delivery & character development was technically excellent. He had a wonderful way of linking back to earlier jokes which kept the audience both engaged and on their toes!

If you enjoy some satire, a derision on the state of the world, and irony in abundance then this is well worth a watch. If you're staying a bit out of town and relying on catching the last train rather than a bus or taxi, then you might regret the time spent. Unless you're of parenting age; in which case I feel you might have a greater appreciation.

But this is at least something different & unique to much of the stand-up available. If I were 10 years older and in my mid-thirties upwards, I think this would be a 4* show. The chuckles I got weren't the same as howling enjoyment.

The Man is on at 10.30pm until 30th August, excluding 17th, in the Assembly Rooms.

Suitability: 16+

For tickets and more information, click here

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