Can I Start Again Please

Can I Start Again Please is a beautiful piece of theatre that drew in and moved every single member of the audience within the opening moments of the show.

Can I Start Again Please

This show is so spell-bindingly engaging that you won't be able to look away. The subject matter is slightly dark, however it is conquered in a way that forces the viewer to look at the ability of language and the way it is used to convey things that are hard to say.

The use of sign language is beautiful, both in itself, and in the way that it represents the difficulty of expressing intense and dark subject matters. The staging as a whole is compelling and intense, as it becomes impossible to avert your eyes from the stage, even when the two women are merely sitting still and saying nothing.

The power behind the performance and their ability to inject some humour into such a hard-hitting show is amazing and I found myself captivated by both women from start to finish. I am struggling to express just how amazing the show is. It had such an impact on the whole audience and everyone came out of the auditorium voicing the same opinion: it was unbelievable.

This performance is phenomenal; hard-hitting, intense and beautiful. Don't miss it!

Can I Start Again Please is on at 2:50pm until 30th August, excluding 17th.

Suitable for ages 16+

For tickets and more information, click here


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