Grandad and Me

An innovative and captivating children's show that contained fun, laughter and imagination.

Grandad and Me

As soon as the show began I knew it was going to be nothing like I expected. The music was calm and soothing and the main actress was commanding and intriguing. It was clear that the children in the audience loved the show, and most seemed able to follow the storyline with only the music to aid them.

The staging was intelligent and imaginative, the set was simple and the concept unique. I found the show had the power to provoke thoughts about my own Grandpa, whether intentionally or not, which made the show more personal and lovely to watch. The choreography and the way the main character used the stage and props was clever, and the music perfectly suited the action at all times.

The projections were simple yet effective, aptly portraying the beauty of a young child's imagination in the style of their drawings. It aided the viewers in following the story, and through this, the journey the character was taking. The story was heart-warming and encouraging and held in it an important lesson that can be hard for young children to learn. It revolves around a sensitive topic that was dealt with beautifully in the way it was presented, and is an inspiring story for people everywhere.

Overall this is a wonderful show, excellent for children of all ages. Even the very young members of the audience listened to the music intently and adults and children alike enjoyed the show as a whole. Definitely a great one to take your kids to!

Grandad and Me is on at 12:05pm until 23rd August, excluding 17th.

Suitable for all ages.

For tickets and more information, click here


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