The Gideon & Hubcap Show

Easily top 5 show at the Fringe 2015

The Gideon & Hubcap Show

My words simply do no justice in describing how fantastically talented this duo really are, from the slapstick comedy to the amazing duets performances.

The childhood friend's band together to create what I can only describe as incredibly phenomenal. Their extraordinary musical talent knows no bounds as they juggle between 10 or more instruments from the banjos to accordions and many other instruments from around the world.

The two travel around the world, playing in people's homes to their friends, and they came to bless us at the Fringe.

The chemistry between the two really made an impact on their performance, the way they harmonised and played together was amazing.

Ever seen a man play a wood saw? Neither have I until last night. The fact that they were able to mix and play all the instruments just shows how talented they really are.

When a man takes a wood saw and a violin bow, and plays the wood saw in a harmonic way which enlightens you with positivity and reassurance, you have just had an incredible experience.

They managed to fill everyone with an overwhelming sense of joy in such an intimate space and I have to say it wouldn't be the same any other way.

I honestly can't chose my favourite song out of all the ones they've performed, they were all funny and astonishing. The music was a joy to hear. If they had a mixtape or album I would search online and buy a hard copy as well as download it online.

Without a doubt will be in my top 5 favourites of the fringe this year. I wish I could give them an extra 2 stars because they are destined for stardom. I'll be looking out for a TV show soon in the future.

You can catch The Gideon & Hubcap Show, Aug 11-16, 18-23 at the time of 22:55 at the Underbelly - The Wee Coo

For more info click here

Interview with Gideon & Hubcap


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