The Jest: The Five Humours

A cleverly pieced together sketch show that confused, amused and outright shocked the audience from start to finish.

The Jest: The Five Humours

The Jest is a quintet of talented comedians, who perform sketches that amaze the audience with the curious nature of some of the storylines. The premise of having five main storylines and just moving on further in the storyline every time the sketch was played, made it fun, interesting and unique to watch.

The ideas that the group came up with for their sketches were weird and wonderful, all extreme but still so funny and a complete joy to watch. I particularly loved the impressions they threw in, and was surprised to find that even the bits I found to be most shocking still made me laugh.

The audience participation kept us on our toes and a tiny bit terrified about what we would be made to do, but it was all part of the fun and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show. Each member of the quintet is talented in their own way, and they aptly showed how diverse their abilities are as a group by all playing multiple roles with multiple accents with ease and skill.

The changeovers between each sketch were simple and efficient and kept the show moving at a fast pace, making the laughter almost a continuous thread throughout the show.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show, even as it got more and more perplexing, and it was clear to see that the performers were loving it just as much as we were. I would highly recommend seeing this show, for late-night humour like none other!

The Jest: The Five Humours is on at 10:45pm every day until August 30th, excluding 19th.

Suitable for ages 16 and over.

For tickets and more information, click here


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