Neil Henry's Magical Mindsquirm

Neil Henry really "Tabozw" the audience - AMAZING

Neil Henry's Magical Mindsquirm

"Tabozw, verb - to catch a melon". Confused? Well you should be, because Neil Henry just made it up. So be sure to check the latest addition of the Collins English dictionary in February because you might see it there.

Magician, Neil Henry, dazzles the audience with his skills. He kicked things off with a spectacular opening that still has me wondering, how the hell did he make that bowling ball out of a piece of paper?

From the point of entry, to the very end, the energy never fell. He made tea, (warm tea!) out of a cold can of coke, with two sugars to be exact, because he certainly was. If I wanted a warm sweet-potato soup with bits of croutons the man would have certainly served me lunch. He was truly lovely with the audience, the kids adored him.

I even had a go myself when he asked me to come on stage for his next trick, where I had to choose a random word from the dictionary and hide it behind my back so I couldn't see. I can honestly say I won't be trying to unravel that word the next time I eat Alphabetti spaghetti.

One way to tell if you've seen a good magician is if you walk out trying to make tea out from a can a coke. NB. Your experience may differ.

A show truly worth seeing, if you're not too busy attempting to tabozw.


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