‘Broke Christmas’: Relatable yet all too real

Lauren Spencer Smith's ‘Broke Christmas’ addresses the very real topic of financial burden around the holidays in a way that will still make you want to dance.

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Somehow, Christmas is finding its way upon us again, which means new additions are being added to xmas playlists around the globe. Be sure not to miss this short track when making your latest update as it’s for sure going to get you dancing!

Lauren Spencer Smith isn’t new to the Christmas tune scene, and I’m incredibly glad of it as she makes amazing stuff. With last year’s release, ‘Single On The 25th’, bringing listeners a ballad-esque melody, ‘Broke Christmas’ addresses the very real topic of financial burden around the holidays in a way that will still make you want to dance.

"Once again, I’m in financial crisis / My resolution should be how to budget"

The song is thought provoking as you’ll feel yourself encouraged to set up an extra savings account and keep an eye on your outgoings but it simultaneously isn’t kicking you off the boat of giddy Christmas spirit. It’s bouncy and relatable, striking a safe balance between lightheartedness on the issue without making fun of any struggle or the problems caused by excessive consumerism.

"I’m so broke this time of year / Can’t afford to buy any underwear / Wish I didn’t spend it in Ju-u-une / ‘Cause now I have no money for you"

As much as it’s difficult not to smile when listening to the track, its witty lyrics could definitely serve as a source of inspiration to make one reflect on their priorities before the new year unfolds. Or perhaps it may be time to test out those dusty old knitting needles and give handmade gifts a whirl this time around?

"It sucks when you don’t have enough / To make the day special or even get essentials"

Regardless of the financial situation you find yourself currently in, please remember that times will improve and giving gifts isn’t what makes Christmas in itself special. It’s a day for being with the people that you love, to admire the beauty all around you in whatever form it takes, and to connect with yourself and what brings you peace. A 'Broke Christmas' doesn’t have to be a “less special” one or a time of guilt, and things will be okay.

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