‘santa doesn’t know you like I do’: A song of loving or longing?

Aside from the year of undeniable Swiftie domination, 2023 has been the year of Sabrina Carpenter.

Somehow, Christmas is finding its way upon us again, which means new additions are being added to xmas playlists around the globe. Be sure not to miss this one when making your latest update as it’s definitely a keeper!

Despite shifting from the Disney scene into producing music back in 2014 with her debut single, ‘Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying’, it’s only really now after the release of impossible-to-not-recognise ‘nonsense’ (2023) that Carpenter has succeeded in becoming a musical household name.

Known for its often saucy outros switched up by the singer during every performance, Carpenter has more than shown her listeners that she has a cheeky side. However, her vocal abilities are no joke, and when she sings ballad-esque songs to particularly show them off in isolation she sounds truly stunning.

“And all of this snow is falling / I can make you fall too”

‘santa doesn’t know you like I do’ is a prime example of this, and I’m telling you now it will be a crying shame if it isn’t scooped up for use in an adorable Netflix original Christmas flick ASAP. From the track’s sweet lines including, ‘And all of this snow is falling / I can make you fall too’, to its accompanying music video showcasing a seemingly happy relationship and festive activities for two, it’s impossible to listen to this song and not have a certain someone in mind.

“Well, maybe this Christmastime / You’ll finally realise / That I could be the one / To give you everything you want"

As the lyrics progress, though, the song appears to shift from a potential tone of love and loving to one of longing. Yes, the song and MV are definitely still something that can be interpreted in an adorable way, but they can also simultaneously evoke questions from a listener and/or music-video-watcher.

If the man in the video has apparently not yet realised that Carpenter is “the one”, who is he? He seems incredibly happy, so are the feelings shared? Are they already together and the song is purely one of expressing love on a deeper level? Of someone wanting their partner to know in absolute terms that they are willing to give them everything in this life? Or is the video showing a future of what Carpenter imagines the couple to be like?

And how about the title: ‘santa doesn’t know you like I do’? Perhaps “Santa” is giving the man in the music video a bunch of material things that he believes he wants but all he truly needs is the lady (Carpenter) standing right there in front of him.

However you choose to interpret the lyrics, this new Christmas single is more than worth playing on repeat. And, of course, if you listen closely, you may be able to pick up the odd phrase or two falling in line with Carpenter's flirty sense of humour.

Header Image Credit: Paul Zoetemeijer


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