War Of The Worlds (IMMERSIVE)

A very positive review of War Of The Worlds!

(29/7/23 - Leadenhall Street, London)

War Of The Worlds (IMMERSIVE)


War of the Worlds is a story by H.G. Wells, where Martians invade Earth and try to destroy all of humanity. In this immersive version, YOU get to meet the characters and fight (and run away from) the Martians and there are even bits where you wear VR goggles and see the Martians! The VR uses a lot of interesting technology. My favourite bit was when I went into a boat and wore the VR headset. The Martians pick up the boat which is very scary! The spookiest bit was when the lights went out and suddenly an alien’s arm grabbed one of the actors. (That character probably died, but we don’t know for sure, we didn’t see or hear from her since that scene!) The actors made sure it seemed realistic, so it was even more immersive. They made sure they seemed scared of the aliens! The songs were very spooky to fit the theme. You can talk to the characters, but be warned, they might say something like, “Sorry, don’t have time,” because they’re scared of the aliens. Sometimes the characters just say, “Run!” because they don’t have time to tell you what’s wrong! The technology was extremely clever because it was fully immersive. They even spray you with water when you are in the boat with the VR headset; I think that is awesome! 99% of it seems real. The characters all think it is the French that are attacking them but then realise that it’s the aliens! The characters ignored me when I was like, “It’s not the French, the French don’t shoot lasers that set things on fire, it’s the aliens!” The VR headset had headphone-like things that had immersive sound, so it sounded as well as looked like you were in the boat, and the other VR sections as well. The boat even moves! The was also a VR section where you were in a hot air balloon and the balloon moved. I found the whole thing AWESOME! Unless you are easily scared, I certainly recommend it to you! It is very funny, and I think it is also clever! There is also an interval, where you can have a drink and take a break from fighting aliens. If you like sci-fi, this experience will be perfect for you, and it is great for 10-year-olds and above. So, make sure you get those tickets! I would rate it 9.5 out of 10. I thought the VR was a bit blurry, but the rest was absolutely PERFECT! It is also very expensive, but I think the price is worth it in the long term. The best story I have ever seen! WARNING: The Martians want to kill you, so you must be very skilled if you want to survive (which is not easy)! The chance of survival is less than 1% so be careful! If one of those Martians grabs hold of you, don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you are an experienced Martian killer, there will be no issues at all! Anyway, enjoy! 


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  • Nikoletta Fletcher

    On 12 May 2024, 19:08 Nikoletta Fletcher commented:

    A brilliant review! You mentioned that you got sprayed by water in the boat, was it a small spray, or were you drenched by the end of the ride? Was it only visible in the VR headset?

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