Nevena's Heartfelt Ballad "Lena": A Touching Tribute to Family and Love

Serbian artist Nevena is ready to tug at heartstrings with her latest release, the emotionally charged single "Lena", a touching tribute to her cherished niece.

Nevena's musical journey has been one of passion, perseverance, and recognition. Her talent first gained attention as one of the three finalists in the prestigious competition "First Voice of Serbia" during her time at music high school. Her exceptional abilities soon transcended borders, leading her to embark on multiple international tours. Driven by a commitment to musical growth, Nevena pursued further education at the renowned Berklee School of Music in Boston.

However, Nevena's ambitions did not end with her musical career. Driven by a desire to share her knowledge and experience, she founded the Monody Music School in Boston in 2019. The school's resounding success prompted its expansion to three different locations (Los Angeles and Boston in the US, and Belgrade in Serbia).

In 2021, Nevena's talent and dedication caught the attention of the internationally acclaimed record label, Frontiers. Signing with them opened up new creative avenues, leading her to collaborate with esteemed Swedish songwriter and producer, Mike Palace. The result of this partnership was her self-titled album, "Nevena," showcasing her versatility and depth as an artist.

The muse behind Nevena's latest track, "Lena", struck her one quiet night as she flipped through her songbook in her Boston bedroom. A photograph of her beloved niece brought forth feelings of nostalgia and longing, reminding her of the distance that separates them. The songwriting process that ensued lasted only thirty minutes, accompanied by tears of both sorrow and love.

To bring "Lena" to life, Nevena collaborated with the renowned producer Dusan Alagic, hailing from Belgrade, Serbia. In a personal touch, the singer played the piano on this deeply emotional track, which was recorded at the Village Studios in Los Angeles.

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