FuzAsian: Steven Chelliah's Musical Fusion Redefines Jazz and Songwriting

In a remarkable fusion of genres, Steven Chelliah, the talented Fusion-Jazz guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, presents his latest album, "FuzAsian".

Steven Chelliah's musical journey began at a tender age of 6, hailing from a lineage of Indian Carnatic music composers. Although a third-generation Malaysian, his family roots trace back to Tanjore, India, the birthplace of Indian Carnatic Music. This rich heritage laid the foundation for Chelliah's exploration of music, which eventually led him to develop his own original system of music known as The FuzAsian® Method. This comprehensive approach systematically applies Indian scales as vehicles for chromatic and harmonic exploration in Jazz. His expertise in this method is showcased in his book, published by Heights Music International in NYC.

With "FuzAsian", Steven Chelliah has embarked on a deeply personal journey, intertwining his Fusion Jazz roots with his passion for songwriting and vocal music. The album is a testament to his deep admiration for timeless songwriters such as Barry Gibb (Bee Gees), Paul McCartney, Earth Wind and Fire, and Toto. Chelliah's unique fusion of genres is influenced by the legendary Quincy Jones, whose orchestration/arranging, music production, and musical spirituality have left an indelible mark on his artistic vision. The album was meticulously engineered, edited, and produced by Chelliah himself, alongside his co-producer and mix engineer James Knoerl. It features all-original music, demonstrating the artist's creative prowess and his ability to orchestrate and arrange complex musical landscapes.

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