Deeper Purple: Made in Europe Tour 2023

Are you a Deep Purple fan? If so this is a must see!

So Fantastic/Upbeat, one of the best Deep Purple Tribute Bands out there.

You'll want to see them perform again and again. This is the first gig of this tour. Look out for upcoming gigs!

I enjoyed seeing this tribute band. I had arrived early but I didn't need to because the performance started at 7.30pm, I would of liked the venue to have mentioned that the 7pm arrival was the doors opening and not the band starting their performance. I found it very confusing. 

It was a small venue and due to this it felt more personal to the audience and you got a nice view of the stage because of the small capacity. It was a seated performance and this made it feel too packed in and it got too full. There was signage for access on how to leave during the performance for if you needed toilets or drinks but no one really noticed this signage so they would go past the stage instead. At first, I really didn't enjoy the atmosphere as it felt like there wasn't much space to breathe and the speakers were way too loud for the small space. 

The Intro and first song was too bass-y, it sounded as though the speakers and microphone were of poor quality but the singer had a really good voice and the whole band had some fantastic rhythm. At the beginning, the band was a mix of calm and energetic. Calm coming from the keyboard player and the bassist, energy coming from the electric guitarist and drummer. Later on in the performance all band members got more energetic and this created a great experience. Unfortunately, at times the vocals were drowned out by the instrumental. 

There was good crowd interaction such as note copying and singing along. I loved how the drummer would mime the parts he was hitting on his drumkit and that gave a really good visual on the way the drumkit was used. All band members had their own moment with their instruments and I especially loved how when the drummer did his solo that the other members would move to the sides of the stage. 

The electric guitarist was very talented and absolutely amazing! The lead singer's screams were on point and the drum solo was really fun. 

At times it sounded harsh at peak volume and the keyboard sounded a little harsh when hitting the higher keys. There was no interval but this was good because there were no boring moments. 

There was a very pleasant outro, where they showed off the band members. This was their first gig of the tour and the keyboard and drummer guys were new to the band, with this in mind it was a brilliant gig and the Tribute Act should be really proud of their performance! 

I went to see this Gig at Darwen Library Theatre with my boyfriend on the 19th April 2023. There are other Gigs still ongoing with this tour. 


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