Three reviews from Tomos

Three arts award silver reviews on 2 games and Spiderman No Way Home. 

Three reviews from Tomos

Sea of thieves

Sea of thieves is a first-person open world action-adventure game developed by Rare and published by microsoft. There is a wide variety of things to do in sea of thieves which include tall tales which are like the main story of the game, voyages for different companies (order of souls, gold hoarders, merchant alliance) completion would reward you with gold and reputation respectively for the involved company. You can interact with other players in this game whether that be with you on a ship together or coming across other pirates and attacking them to get loot they more or may not have. There are many open word random bosses, such as the kraken and several different species of megalodon as well as some ghost ship fleets and also missions that you can collect from washed up bottles that will lead you to buried treasure.

2007’s Halo : Reach, This is one of my favourite games. The story is focused on a setting ‘reach’ instead of character driven so it is a unique take on war stories as it shows us how a planet would react to an alien invasion. Its multiplayer is solid, unfortunately with the servers being shut down in 2022 it is unplayable without a party connection or LAN connection. Firefight is a unique take on horde modes with each skull modifier changing an aspect of the fighting, Forge kept the game alive for over a decade as player created content kept the game fresh. The game includes a robust customization which is better than most games’ customisation today allowing players to truly be unique and identify with their character especially as this character is also used in the campaign adding a unique twist on most other story modes as they usually force the player to be someone else which makes reach even more unique.

Spider-Man NWH is the film that managed to take three amazing cinematic experiences and turn them into one amazing and interesting story with amazing acting and action, the theme managed to flip but in a way that fit into the story so perfectly that it elevates the ending and makes it much more memorable. The villains were almost perfectly portrayed even though i wanted to see more of them, Willem Dafoe green goblin is truly terrifying and is amazingly portrayed compared to his 2002. SPOILERS! I believed that Tom Holland’s Spider Man was the best it's ever been and his and Zendaya's portrait of MJ was what made the ending perfect and emotional, Tobey Maguire’s Return was triumphant and Andrew Garfield Stole the show with every scene he was in, their ‘cameos?’ were more than just fan-service as it legitimately served the plot and Tom’s Film to become what it is and that is the highest grossing SONY Movie Ever.


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