Yes, you’ve found the best improv show of the Fringe with this eclectic mix of Kiwi comedians


'Divorce', 'irrelevant', 'chimneysweep' – could you improv a show out of these three audience-decided words? SNORT is a happy marriage of New Zealand comedians who have come together to deliver a show that is anything but irrelevant (cannot fit chimneysweep in this analogy whatsoever). 

The talented ensemble is hosted by Rose Matafeo (Starstruck), and the rotating cast includes Laura Daniel, Joseph Moore, Eli Matthewson, Nic Sampson, James Roque, Brynley Stent, Paul Williams, Rhiannon McCall, Freya Finch, and Alice Canton. Do you want a side of anarchy with that? Yes please. 

After the audience woke up and chose violence with their lexical choices, guest comics come up onto the stage to perform a short monologue providing supporting material for the ensemble to work with. For the show I attended, the guest comics were Heidi Regan, Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher – who all delivered slightly surreal and feverishly funny tales of their chosen words. 

The format is truly magnetic – it keeps you on your toes anticipating what will happen next, because who truly knows what could happen with improv? Genuinely anything, proven by the rotating cast’s plotlines and rabbit holes. Expect hobbits, hobbit marriages, hobbit/human affairs between fathers of the groom/bride, children taking over mega-huge film corporations, Mary Poppins sneaking a one-night stand into the house, and a support party of hype people who appear quicker than your Echodot could reply to “Alexa”. 

To be frank, SNORT is electric. The laughs pulse through the audience erupting to enormous applause when each sketch is completed. This show is light-hearted fun, one where you can just sit back and watch a bunch of comedians be unleashed like Pandora’s box has just opened. All hell breaks loose, and no edition of it will be the same as the show preceding or following it. Once you're hooked, you'll want to go back again and again. Calling it now, SNORT is the best improv show at Edinburgh Fringe this year. 

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