Mixing modern circus skills and street dance, ‘Collision’ brings together 6 incredible performers to put on an incredible show. 


Dance, aerobics, circus and breakdancing - in this show, there’s a bit of something for everyone. The soundtrack spans from old school hip-hop to modern mainstream pop, creating an enjoyable energy for young and old in the room. The show was split into segments, where each individual artist got their time to shine or a small group would put each other to the test.

I loved the individual sections, performers Amy Stuart, Riley Colquist, Ela Bartilimo, Wanida Serce, Sam Evans and Ben Garcithe are incredibly talented at their craft doing a millions different impossible-looking tricks one after another. If I had to pick favourites, I think I enjoyed Wanida Serce’s high energy dancing and the four shoe performance of contortionist Riley Conquist the most, as not only was it visually impressive, you could see how much they loved performing for the crowd. 

However, the ensemble sections were really incredible and I wish there had been more of this in the show, like one section where the Colquist and break dancer Evans had a dance battle in their respective styles of physical movement, creating a hilarious result. These sections created the most noise from the audience, but I did feel throughout the show that they could have tapped into the audience’s energy further – but maybe that was just the fault of the extreme heat inside the Piccolo Tent. 

Overall, this was a fun show to watch and joyful different to other circus performances. While taking time to build momentum, the second half is superb and proves that mixing art forms can improve both. 

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Header Image Credit: Katie Bennett


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