Garrett Millerick: Just Trying to Help

Garrett Millerick plays it safe, which is to his detriment. 

Garrett Millerick: Just Trying to Help

Garrett Millerick got gout during lockdown. Other than that though, he loved it, drinking beer and watching YouTube like the best of us. Now, back on the stage after two years, I fear the time has dulled his comedic senses. Over the course of an hour Garrett generally reached for the low hanging fruit of comedy: Greta Thunberg, spam emails, Amazon, Guardian readers, and an extended bit on how shit Twitter is. Hardly breaking new ground. 

Millerick's stage presence remains unchanged. That is, larger than life, exceptionally animated and exceptionally loud - maybe it was the benefit of being in the front row, but in the small and exceptionally hot Monkey Barrel 4, I'm not sure the microphone was needed.

Although lacking originality (indeed, I’m sure some of the Amazon material was in his 2016 show), the set still elicited laughs – and some were proper belly laughs. There were moments where the old Garrett came through – angry, barbed, and prepared to say what most only silently stew over. It was those moments that really underlined how otherwise mundane the set was. Here’s hoping this is just a post-pandemic jitter. 

Read our interview with Garrett Millerick here.

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