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Ben Hart’s show ‘Wonder’ does what it says on the tin: an awe-inspiring magic show that is a feast for the eyes.

Before the show begins, the audience are invited to come up on stage and suggest an item that can fit in a glass, and write it on a piece of confetti. The lights go down. And as one expects at a magic show, Ben Hart picks one of those pieces of confetti and makes that object real out of nothing. Gasps and murmurs bounce all around the audience. This is the setting of Hart’s show, and this mind-bending magic stuns the audience for most of the show. 

Watching this show is like watching an excited child performing something that they’re so passionate about; you can really feel the care Hart has for the art of magic and immersing you in a world of mystery. I loved the insights into his weird personality, his cheekiness and impishness. My favourite part in fact was the underlying multiverse storyline, I just wish there was more exploration of this idea. The version of yourself in the mirror being a double was really intriguing and fun but I felt it was slightly lost in the assortment of various different tricks. I think the whole show would feel more coherent with a greater focus on these slightly darker idea, as they made the show more unique when compared with other magic show. 

My favourite trick of the show was when Hart (somehow?) managed to combine three pieces of  jewellery into one. The audience was stunned into silence. There was literally no way to explain so all we could do is sit with our mouths wide open. I do wish that the live camera was clearer when it was projected onto the back of the stage, as this would have been helpful in order to see the smaller details. For example, for those further back in the audience, the jewellery would have certainly been difficult to see with this closer view. The idea to use a live camera was clever, but the projection was so blurry that smaller objects and numbers could not be seen.

From sleight of hands to mirror duplication, Hart uses the simplest of props to create a magical, mystical experience. It’s natural to want to understand magic but Hart’s show is best enjoyed when you stop trying to figure it out, especially when Hart himself shows any theories you might have of strings, magnets or trick mirrors cannot be true. Like the magician does, attempt to embrace the wonder and enjoy the show. 

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