The Dragon’s Promise by Elizabeth Lim

The Dragon’s Promise is the searing sequel to the bestselling young adult fantasy duology, Six Crimson Cranes. 

The Dragon’s Promise by Elizabeth Lim

The Dragon’s Promise picks up where Six Crimson Cranes left off: with the consequences of Shiori’s deathbed promise to her stepmother Raikama. After vowing to return the dragon pearl to its rightful owner, Shiori is taken on a perilous journey from the underwater dragon kingdom of Ai’Long to the demon’s realm of Lapzur. Along her journey, she must wrestle power-hungry thieves who will stop at nothing to steal the pearl, while maintaining the image of the innocent princess so as not to arouse suspicion from those who would have her killed for the magic that runs in her blood. 

As with Six Crimson Cranes, Elizabeth Lim again showcases herself as a masterful world-builder. With her eloquent yet highly accessible writing style, Lim paints her readers an image of a magnificently magical world. Lim’s description of the dragon palace, in particular, is strikingly gorgeous. The underwater world of Ai’Long is alien and otherworldly, yet you can imagine it vividly with Lim’s writing. On a similar note, the first part of the story set in Ai’Long is highly enjoyable. It was wonderful to see the characters navigate the politics of dragons and humans, and the new forms of magic at play. 

Additionally, it was great to see the maturation of Shiori and Takkan’s relationship in this sequel. We go from Shiroi running away from their marriage ceremony in Six Crimson Cranes to her doing anything to protect Takkan in The Dragon’s Promise. Furthermore, as in Six Crimson Cranes, it was beautiful to see the strong focus on familial relationships with Shiori’s desire to honour her promise to her stepmother, despite that same promise putting her life in grave danger. 

All in all, The Dragon’s Promise is a fast-paced, beautifully written finale to a much-loved duology. 

The Dragon’s Promise will be available to purchase from August 30. 

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