Ghost Walk in Brighton Lanes

We went along as part of Brighton Fringe 2022 and don't want to give too much away about this one, its a must- see- for yourself! Below are some of the highlights for us we hope will intrigue you to check it out! 

Ghost Walk in Brighton Lanes

The Undertaker themed dress of our Tour Guide was awesome and provided him with lots of scope to enhance the show. We thought he was confident and knows how to talk to his audience! 

He made us laugh lots, gave hilarious awkward eye contact, and used props (and even innocent passers by) to bring the stories to life were excellent. He even produced (what we hope was a fake gun) to make sure people paid for their tickets! 

The setting: the Brighton Lanes are so cool

We were told interesting, heart- wrenching and witty spooky stories including: 

A drunk monk...

Murdered policeman...

Sickness ‘cures’ via disgusting sweets with vodka...

The Steine.. and missing eyeballs!

YMCA Maria, girlfriend of Prince Regent, tunnels, cheeky things, and ghost lady...

The tragic tale of two people in love and a brick wall (it sadder than it seems!)

Ghost cat! 

The Cricketers and Jack the Ripper?  

The fascinating history of some of the buildings on Brighton Place

The tour took us down legendary locations in Brighton Lanes including the filming locations of memorable moments in the 1979 cult classic film Quadrophenia 

We recommend you check out Ghost Walk in Lanes! 

Find out more here: 

Twitter- @brightonghostwalk


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  • Tom Inniss

    On 15 July 2022, 12:14 Tom Inniss Voice Team commented:

    I've never had an opportunity to really explore the Brighton Lanes – I'm always running from one place to the next! This sounds like an excellent opportunity to really force myself to stop and learn about this historic city

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