“Everything Went Fine”- Film Review

A review of the rich complex french film on assisted suicide that is currently showing at Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema.

This post may contain mature or challenging content.

“Everything Went Fine”- Film Review

“Everything Went Fine” is a french drama film written and directed by François Ozon. He takes you through the story of an 85-year-old man, André, who suffers from a severe stroke that leaves him half-paralysed and bedridden. As his daughters, Emmanuéle and Pascale, stay by his side during the whole process he puts Emmanuéle in a difficult position when he asks her to help him end his life through assisted suicide. Even though over the years the father and daughter have had a rocky relationship Emmanuéle understands her father’s predicament and agrees to help him end his life.

When I approached the film I had no prior knowledge of what genre/class of film it was or what perspective the film would take on the topic of assisted suicide. So as I watched it I found myself battling various complex emotions, whereby, I was unsure whether or not to cry, smile, be happy or angry.

Due to the complexity of the issue and the intricacies of the family dynamic, the film left me wanting to rewatch and reflect on the complicated events, emotions and issues being addressed, as well as the complex possessions of each character; ensuring I got a full understanding of the situation and make a full judgement on the particular circumstance. Overall, I do feel the way the director François Ozon carried the story (from an unsentimental standpoint) created a space where the audience could begin to reason and formulate their views and opinions on the topic of assisted suicide. 

“Everything Went Fine” is currently still available to watch at Nottingham Broadway Cinema and will be having its last screening on Thursday 23rd June at 19:45. It is one to watch especially for those looking for something new and fresh to add to their screening pallet.

Header Image Credit: Emmanuella Taiwo


  • Aly Stoneman

    On 24 June 2022, 14:06 Aly Stoneman commented:

    Great Review, Emma :)

  • Olajide Taiwo

    On 25 June 2022, 09:43 Olajide Taiwo commented:

    Well articulated and presented. Need to be engraved emotionally for objective reviews.

  • Tom Inniss

    On 15 July 2022, 13:15 Tom Inniss Voice Team commented:

    This sounds incredibly emotional, and seems to ask a lot of its audience. Great review. Did you ever go back and watch it again?

  • Emmanuella Taiwo

    On 15 July 2022, 19:03 Emmanuella Taiwo Local Reviewer commented:

    Yes I actually did and this time I did cry. The second time watching it, I felt I was really able to absorb the story and themes explored so happy I went to see it again!

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