Roch Fautch and Santiago Ribeiro with exhibitions in the USA

The artists Santiago Ribeiro and Roch Fautch are arranging a couple of shows here in the US

The artists Santiago Ribeiro and Roch Fautch are arranging a couple of shows here in the US, one at Roch´s gallery in Spokane Washington on the west side of the country that will run from August to the end of September 2024, then we'll take it to Bisbee, Arizona for February 2025, when their tourist season starts

The exhibitions will have more participant artists whom we are inviting. We are waiting for the artist list. 

Then we will take the show to Bisbee, Arizona in the southwest part of the country at the height of their tourist season and open in February. Bisbee is a unique little tourist destination with a thriving arts community. We are opening this to all the current members of our group and will need confirmation by mid-June. We have two options, either ship original work here or we can also print museum quality giclees on canvas. We built this gallery as an addition on a 120-year-old historical craftsman-style shotgun building and added a 40 ft gallery along with an outdoor sculpture garden. It’s a beautiful location and will be promoted both locally and abroad. If interested in finding out more please contact Roch Fautch directly on messenger.

About Fautch also has a studio where he fabricates unique furniture, tables, fireplaces, and other artistic designs for clients and collectors. 


His art gallery exhibits his own work and that of others. In November 2014, he and three friends published the first issue of an arts and literature magazine called Terra Obscura. The second edition was published in March 2015. He also plans to publish a smaller monthly magazine that will focus on the artists he features in his gallery. 

About Santiago. He is the promoter of the international project "Surrealism Now," which began in 2010 in Coimbra, Portugal, organized by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation.  


Santiago Ribeiro has been dedicated to promoting the Surrealism of the 21st century in several parts of the world, including Paris, London, Berlin, Beijing, New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Mississippi, Southern Indiana, Belgrade, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Nantes, Monte Negro, Minsk, Moscow, St Petersburg in Russia, Warsaw, Florence, Vienna, Japan, Taiwan, Podgorica, Montenegro, Timisoara in Romania, Jihlava (Czech Republic), Caltagirone in Sicily, Brazil, New Delhi, and many cities in Portugal.


Anna Clarke <[email protected]>

Header Image Credit: @surrealismnow


Santiago Ribeiro

Santiago Ribeiro

Santiago Ribeiro has been creating art as a professional painter for the last 35 years. In that time, Ribeiro has achieved worldwide recognition as a surrealist painter and his works have been featured in museums and galleries across the globe. Ribeiro’s fantastic works have also been seen on the streets of Manhattan adorning the giant screens of Times Square.

Ribeiro is currently organizing the 2018 International Surrealism Now Exhibition in Coimbra, Portugal. Founded in 2010 by Ribeiro, the exhibition has become the largest surrealist arts festival in the world. This year’s event will take place November 17th to January 2019, and artists and visitors from all over will descend on Coimbra for the event.

The Portuguese surrealist painter continues to receive praise for his work. In 2017, his painting titled ‘Butterflies’ was featured at the Art Revolution Taipei festival. Ribeiro is always expecting the unexpected and he continues to paint diligently each day.

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