Scotland becomes first country worldwide to include LGBT issues in education system

Advice and information will be available across the curriculum to teachers and students regarding LGBT issues.

Scotland becomes first country worldwide to include LGBT issues in education system

Scotland has become the first country in the world to embed LGBT issues within the education system, across the curriculum. Staff will be given access to a basic awareness e-learning course and a toolkit of teaching resources on LGBT education, also, a website has been launched with resources and information for supporting LGBT young people.

The Scottish government has said the move aims to promote equality, tackle anti-LGBT bullying, and overall improve the learning experience of LGBT students. Across all age groups, subjects will now include LGBT relevant information, such as identities, issues, and history that relate contextually to said subject. The website, e-learning course, and resources toolkit were all developed with the input of young people, parents, teachers, and LGBT organisations.

The move has been welcomed by LGBT campaign groups, with Jordan Daly, co-founder of Time for Inclusive Education, saying, "I experienced bullying and prejudice at school for being gay, and it had a detrimental impact on my confidence and wellbeing for some time”, adding that these new resources will help teachers “take a proactive, educational approach to tackling prejudice.” He added, “Most importantly, this work will empower young people and provide them with an opportunity I didn't have at school – to feel valued, confident, and proud of who they are.”

A 2017 report from LGBT charity Stonewall found that 45% of LGBT students are bullied for their LGBT identity, increasing to 64% when looking at trans students specifically. The creation of these resources by the Scottish government now have come as a result of a report from the LGBTI Inclusive Education Working Group, established in 2017. The group made 33 recommendations, which the Scottish government say they have accepted in full.

The Scottish Children’s Minister, Clare Haughey, has said of this overhaul to the education system: “I am proud to say that Scotland is leading the way as the first country in the world to embed LGBT inclusive education right across the curriculum. By doing so, we can help young people to reach their full potential and flourish in a diverse and inclusive society. The launch of this ground-breaking suite of resources for schools takes us another step forward in ensuring that our curriculum is as diverse as the young people who learn in our schools.”

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