Interview with Ella Greenwood, actor, director and mental health ambassador

Find out more about Ella's journey and upcoming projects

In the following podcast, you’ll hear the edited audio of Saskia’s live Instaview with actor, director and mental health ambassador, Ella Greenwood, discussing her latest award-winning short 'Faulty Roots', mental health and her upcoming projects! Faulty Roots was nominated for an Award by Film The House which is run by Parliament and sponsored by Disney, Lionsgate, Warner Bros and more. Faulty Roots premiered at the Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival and was selected for many other festivals including BAFTA Qualifying Bolton International Film Festival and Tallgrass Film Festival in the US. 

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Elle Farrell-Kingsley was the producer. Tom Inniss was the executive producer.

You can find Ella on Instagram here.


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