How to present your Gold Arts Award

When I first started my Gold Arts Award, my biggest concern was how to evidence all I was intending to do and present my work.

How to present your Gold Arts Award

Although many of the example portfolios you might have seen may have had a lot of time spent on them, there isn't a specific requirement for your work to look amazing. However, Gold Arts Award is such a great opportunity to begin to work with professionals, develop new leadership skills and improve your understanding of your art from - a great looking portfolio showing this could be a brilliant tool for interviews, applications and anywhere else you need to sell yourself. So here are a few tools I would recommend taking a look at if this is something you want to do:



Artsbox is a tool that has been created specifically for Arts Award and has all the tools you will need to evidence your work. Artsbox's website and mobile app are easy to use and aid you in creating a digital portfolio of work. Not only does it allow you to write about your projects and tasks, but it also allows you to evidence using photos, video and sound recordings.



Prezi is a website that allows you to create smooth, seamless presentations that follow a journey, much like your own Arts Award one. This site allows you to include all forms of media from Youtube videos to PDF documents and you can build the steps on your path however you wish. If you don't want to personalise your presentation, Prezi already has 1000s of templates to use continuously being added to by other users. As a starting point, see how Nicola Haigh used Prezi for her Bronze portfolio.

Scrapbooks and Journals

For those who want to create something tangible, journals are brilliant and age-old platform. Not only are you able to take notes on-the-go but anyone reading it back will be able to follow your process naturally because of the way you create it. If your Arts Award is physically (as opposed to digitally) inclined then make it a scrapbook and include all your doodles and drawings. Who knows, maybe one of your own doodles might inspire the next step in your Arts Award and you'll already have a record of your inspiration.


If you're familiar with blogging and want to know how to get started with it, take a look no further than at our own Agi K!

Vlogs (Video Blogs) can be a great way to gain an audience for what it is you do. They don't need to be full of special effects; keep it simple and save yourself an extra workload. If your art form is a performance art, recording videos behind the scenes and the performance itself could be a lovely way of presenting your work to a wider audience. Vlogs can be as simple as a short video of yourself on your phone or as elaborate as an episode of Emmy Blackery.

Access a full list of Gold Arts Award resources and examples in the Arts Award Voice Gold Hub.

There are so many different ways to showcase whatever it is you decide to do for your award if you want to be creative with it. All you have to do is make sure you choose what's going to work best for you!

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