Who says what: General Election 2019 manifesto breakdown

We pull out the key policies of the main parties, examining what they have to say on education, culture, young people and Brexit.

Who says what: General Election 2019 manifesto breakdown

With the general election vote just around the corner, it is time to put some serious consideration as to which party you will vote for on 12 December.

People tend to vote based on personalities, ie. who looks best on television. While there does have to be a degree of charisma to a leader, it is their policies, and their vision for the country that should ultimately guide your decision. Is what the party wants to do compatible with my values, and my needs?

These policies are all documented in the party manifesto. The manifesto details everything the party wants to do, and depending on the level of detail, can also break down costings or give detailed time goals. It is through these manifestos that a party gets it mandate.

A mandate is the authority to carry out policy, and it is assumed that the party with the majority of votes in a general election has the mandate to carry out their manifesto.

We have written articles that examine the manifestos of the main parties, and detail what each has to say on issues of Brexit, education, art and culture, and young people generally. There are many more issues that can and indeed should be looked into, and links to all of the manifestos can be found embedded within, and reiterated at the end. Page numbers are provided so you can look up the policies and surrounding context for yourself.

If you haven’t already, please register to vote. The deadline to do so is 11:59pm on 26 November (17:00 if you’re registering for a postal vote). If you are looking for an explainer on the process of voting, we have a detailed guide here

These articles are purely informative, and simply breaks down what the manifesto says. 

There will be no opinion provided. Parties are listed alphabetically.


Conservative Party

Green Party

Labour Party

Liberal Democrats



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