Voice Winter Film Festival: BabySteps

Watch BabySteps by Project Female Dance Company. 

BabySteps acknowledges the debilitating impact that social anxiety can have on young women moving through their everyday lives and how different moments in time can alter the journey we travel through each day.

About the filmmaker

742fa8830c918b943160d58e445a3d9d494dbad0.jpgProject Female Dance Company was founded in 2018. Project Female's vision is to create a space where young female dancers could feel free from judgment. Where they didn’t need to be a certain body type or feel pressure to fit a certain mold to be a dancer. Where they could join with other female dancers to produce high-quality dance performances, and push their dancing to the next level. Project Female aims to redefine the preconceptions of youth dance. We teach a unique fusion of contemporary/hip-hop dance. Dancers feel empowered to express themselves unapologetically and grow in confidence. We support dancers to take risks and challenge the boundaries set by society.  

Find out more about Project Female Dance Company here

Header Image Credit: Project Female Dance Company


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