4 Reasons Your School Should Try Art Bytes

Art Bytes is a unique inter-school art competition & virtual exhibition. With creativity an ever-more essential skill for future opportunities & employment, find out what your pupils will gain by participating.

4 Reasons Your School Should Try Art Bytes

Celebrate Creativity 

Art Bytes contributes to a broad and balanced curriculum by providing a prestige platform for art within schools. It gives pupils the opportunity to see their work exhibited, and to see galleries as places “for them”. Building such cultural capital is included in the new Education Inspection Framework.

We are partnering with high-profile cultural venues across England for our celebration events in June. But these will also be live-streamed for broadcast in schools, so all schools can access the event and find out the winners live.

Increase confidence and self-esteem 

100% of teachers said working with us had improved student confidence!

Our programmes are proven to build pupil confidence and nurture talent.

The mental health crisis facing young people has become more magnified than every during Covid-19. Art is the perfect way for students to process their thoughts and feelings when trying to make sense of the pandemic.

Technological engagement

Art Bytes uses a bespoke, immersive virtual gallery which incorporates augmented reality elements to showcase shortlisted work. The exhibition can be accessed from the safety and convenience of home or school. It is an opportunity to engage with new technology and engage a wide audience with your school’s creative activity.

Improve standards

Art Bytes is an Artsmark partner, and participation supports you school’s journey towards Artsmark. It also contributes towards Arts Award.

It offers an opportunity to showcase your students’ work to a national audience, and for teachers to compare standards of artwork with other schools across the country. 

To find out more visit artbytes.co.uk, or email us at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you in 2022!


Julia Johnson

Julia Johnson

Project Co-ordinator (North) for Art Bytes. Art Bytes is a brand new national EdTech programme for all schools in England launching in the 2021-22 academic year. We are an Artsmark parttner organisation and can support Arts Award goals. For more information visit http://artbytes.co.uk

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