Niall Horan Live at the Royal Albert Hall review.

On the 7th of November I watched Niall's live performance at the Royal Albert Hall, it was an incredible performance, so I want to share it with everyone. 

Niall's show was phenomenal. That is the only way to truly describe such an event. Even though it was in such a large and glamorous venue the performance still kept an intimate feel which you would not be able to capture as well in a non-virtual event. Everyone had front row seats to his show, which helped add a more close and personal feel to it. Throughout the hour long show, Niall and his band remained on a central circle stage with the camera crew circling around them and the whole venue itself. Something which added to cosy feeling given off by a virtual event, which wouldn’t be able to happen with the all the seats full of people. 

The whole event was focused on live music and the abandoned crew that the pandemic and government have left behind this year. With Niall speaking between songs about his own crew and what it has been like for them during these times, especially with their tour cancelled at short notice. When he wasn't speaking Niall performed 14 songs throughout his performance, a mixture of ones from his debut album 'Flicker' and his sophmore album 'Heartbreak Weather'. As well as this he also performed a duet with Ashe (Ashlyn Rae Willson) an American singer, which Niall collaborated with earlier this year, of the song 'Moral Of The Story' a song first performed by Ashe alone until Niall got involved. This was an unexpected surprise to Niall's fans (including me) who have watched Ashe and Niall interact throughout the pandemic with little hope they would be able to perform their song live together any time soon. However, they organised for Ashe to quarantine for 2 weeks so she could join Niall for his RAH performance. Overall, their performance was incredible, especially since it was their first time performing together live. 

For me something that made the event so special was the venue, throughout the different songs the Royal Albert Hall was lit up indifferent colours and lights to show the true beauty of from where they were performing. Something about seeing all the empty seats and boxes made the show seem more close and for us fans, even with all the empty space the venue presented a warm atmosphere. As well as this the excitement to be performing for the first time again in 8 months made the event extra special for Niall's fans, who should be seeing Niall perform all over the world this year. 

Lastly, the performance ended on a very clever, and even emotional note with Niall performing 'Flicker'. The title song of his first album. During his performance the band left the stage, leaving Niall singing and playing his guitar alone. Throughout their show the constant mention of the behind the scenes crew was brought to a head. When during the final song members of Niall's crew worked around him to take down the stage and remove the instruments around him. I thought this was an extremely powerful and moving image of just one aspect of the crew's jobs which they need for gigs and shows like this to be put on, and run smoothly. As this pandemic continues it is important to remember people who are left behind and forgotten about by many. We Need Crew (the organisation to which much of the profits from the event are going) and this 

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  • Aarya Kumar

    On 4 December 2020, 08:59 Aarya Kumar commented:

    Wow beautifully written. It’s great to hear that even during these unprecedented times that influential musicians and artists are still doing what they love as well as showing support and love to their fans and giving them hope that we will recover from this pandemic in the way that the artists can and do best.

  • Alice Crosby

    On 4 December 2020, 18:22 Alice Crosby commented:

    Thank you!
    It really is incredible to see that the arts industry is coming back to normal, even if it’s a little bit, after everything.

  • Alice Crosby

    On 6 December 2020, 20:15 Alice Crosby commented:

    Sorry the end cut off!
    “And this performance reminds us that we are the ‘flicker of hope’ which is needed to keep all aspects of the music industry alive.”

  • Connie Bishop

    On 6 December 2020, 20:22 Connie Bishop commented:

    The way this is written makes you feel like a part of the audience without being there or experiencing it. Beautiful. It’s so nice to see there is still people out there doing what they love in order to bring joy to others especially in these hard times x

  • Alice Crosby

    On 6 December 2020, 20:27 Alice Crosby commented:

    Thank you so much. Music really is something which can bring joy, especially in these times!

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