Poem 1- The riot in me.

After the shocking events, which have taken place in Minneapolis, I have written a collection of poems, all focused on the topic of race and societal tension. I truly believe that the pen will be able to bridge the divides in our fractured world. 

Poem 1- The riot in me.

The Riot in Me

Dark is the mind,

an ever-growing abyss.

But darker is the soul,

that sunders me from bliss.

The world, judgemental,

The pressure vast.

Running in the human race,

always coming last.

I choke back tears,

I hold back pain.

I want to feel good,

be alive again.

The voices scream,

The voices shout.

They trap me and hold me down,

I know there is no way out.

Sharp is the knife,

and soft is the skin,

Let me escape

this prison I’ve been living in.

This prison of lies

this prison of hate

this prison of judgement

this prison of fate.

Sharp is the knife,

the blade will release me.

No longer trapped in this prison;

but escape is not easy.

Ayman Vorajee

Poem 1 from the wHATEver collection


Ayman Vorajee

Ayman Vorajee

Hi, I'm Ayman, an 18 year old student in the City of Leicester. In my spare time I like to write poetry, drawing not only from the social situations around me, but from the situations and struggles of people all over the world. I believe what we need right now, is unity and I believe we can achieve this through the power of the pen.

Thank You for reading :)


  • Riz Atcha

    On 16 October 2020, 11:31 Riz Atcha commented:

    Amazing ❤️

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