Mozilla Festival: Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Rishi Vaidya shares his experience of our Artificial Intelligence workshop at MozFest 2019.

Mozilla Festival: Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence

My sister and I came up to our first ever Mozilla event today: Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence, at the Royal Society of Arts in London.

We didn't really have any initial knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and so for us it was really interesting to find out about the different uses, benefits and even disadvantages of AI. Following a talk by BBC's Head of Innovation Robin Moore, we learnt about AI's diverse uses through demos. 

Firstly,  we learnt about how different platforms like Facebook collect your data with Ethi and we also explored how the Amazon Alexa works and functions. We further discovered how AI can influence the artificial creation of people's faces that have been randomly created only using key features. Visiting the BBC datalab stand, we found out about their BBC Sounds project and how they will use AI to collect user information and predict recommendations to certain age groups. 

We then proceeded to sit down in groups and throw around ideas and opinions. Topics included how Artificial Intelligence may potentially affect jobs and the way we live. 

All in all, for our first ever time at an event like that, we loved it. We found it interesting and would definitely do something similar again.

Header Image Credit: Erik Westra


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