Voice is going green

We stand in solidarity with those demanding a future

Voice is going green

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that the typically pink navigation bar on the website has had a make-over. We are going green this week to show our solidarity with the people who are currently protesting all over the world to demand immediate, urgent action to reduce our environmental impact to try and curtain the climate crisis we are currently in.

From the exceptional and momentous actions of Greta Thunberg, to the civil disobedience of Extinction Rebellion, to the Youth Strike 4 Climate marches, every single one of them are using their voice to demand action, and to try and inflict positive change upon the world.

We only have one Earth, and our flagrant disregard for its health has led to a situation where we risk our own extinction if we don’t act to save it — quickly. Whether you’ve started a movement of millions, or have managed to get 30 people to turn up in a sleepy rural village, that small step of using your voice will have an impact.

If you are someone who is pushing for change, we want to hear from you. Tell us about your story, your reasons for protest, your small action for change, and we will look to feature you on Voice. 

You can tweet or DM us on Twitter or Instagram (@voicemaguk), or email [email protected]. Alternatively you can register for an account and post your own stories, and we will pick them up.

Thank-you for doing what’s right, and hold faith that your actions are not in vain. 

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