Get gold with family arts - a blog by Emrys

I've enjoyed reading the articles and items posted to voice just in the first week or so of the month. I'm sure there's many more to come!

Get gold with family arts - a blog by Emrys

I believe accessing the arts as a family is an activity you can carry on throughout your life. Only last year we took our mum to the Theatre for her birthday; my siblings have their own children and we've all long since flown the nest but the opportunity to see a panto is a great family affair.

Of course participating in other activity yourself can find you a new family too. I grew up with my second family just like others have commented. Mine were both youth Theatre groups and in later teens a national arts project much like our youth network too. Meeting like minded people from a range of backgrounds is so eye opening, and I feel is so important to personal development. Meeting people in school is fine, but even joining a group which brings students from different local high schools can broaden your Cultural knowledge and develop your social and communication skills. These are important skills for employability and exactly the skills that a Gold Arts Award helps you develop.

So family arts activity can help support all levels of Arts Award, and you can build through to your Gold. Its also very typical for unit 2 leadership projects to focus on working with a younger age group and even families more widely. So how can you involve and inspire a younger generation to access the arts? Think about it, and maybe that becomes your leadership project.

I look forward to working on more family arts projects myself this summer, and seeing all the exciting work available. Remember, develop your arts family, enjoy the support such a group can offer, and get involved!


Emrys Green

Emrys Green Voice Team

Emrys is the Business & Projects manager at Upstart who runs Voice.

Alongside managing Voice and its related programmes of work Emrys manages web builds and live events through his own pursuits - with a wide encapsulation of the arts sector. Theatre, Dance, Circus, Spoken Word and a combination of contemporary and shakespearean work would all be in his wheelhouse.

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