Klaudio Vidal: Interview with an international artist from Chile

Exclusive interview with Klaudio Vidal, an amazing Chilean artist! Visiting the UK from Chile, he was happy to be interviewed for Arts Award.

Klaudio Vidal: Interview with an international artist from Chile

Yay! My first blog while being on Arts Award Explore! Plus, I have something interesting to share. Recently, I had the rare opportunity of meeting and interviewing Klaudio Vidal. Klaudio Vidal is an artist born in Punta Arenas, in Chile. He teaches at the Universities Catolica and Valparaiso. I interviewed him on February 1st, at Kite Studios, in London.

EGM :      Where did you study?
Klaudio : I studied at Catolica University.
EGM :      What medium do you prefer?
Klaudio : I prefer older techniques, for example printing.
EGM :      What is your preferred subject matter?
Klaudio : I prefer humans and animals, but I illustrate them figuratively, symbolically and socially.
EGM :      Where do you work?
Klaudio : I work at my studio, Taller K ( pronounced Tayerr K ).

To see Klaudio's Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/klaudio.vidal 

Klaudio also mentioned that Klaudio is just his artist name. His real name is Claudio, with a C. He uses a metal plate and pieces of wire to create his beautiful and colourful animal prints. He likes turning humans and animals into beasts in his prints. His work has inspired me for my main project right now, making prints of my dog. I hope his work inspires you, too!

Here are a few clips from the interview that I've put together:

Header Image Credit: Klaudio Vidal's interview at Kite Studios




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  • Bee Snellen

    On 21 February 2019, 14:28 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    This is an excellent video! Well done on approaching an artist and finding out more about his skills! Did it help you with new techniques on your dog project? Are you going to experiment with different styles? I hope you share your result!

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