My Discover Portfolio for Arts Award: Faces with Dubuffet and Picasso

To all beginners of Arts Award Discover, I would like to give you a preview of what you are capable of doing if you are uncertain about doing Arts Award. I hope my portfolio inspires you!

I started Arts Award Discover a few months ago. My focus has been on the visual arts, specifically faces. In building my portfolio, I began by drawing a still life with my art teacher. I drew a teapot, a blue bottle, a purple feather and a pitcher on a table. Then, I created a painting based on this drawing. The process of painting was interesting because we used a slightly different shade of color for each brushstroke (colors/shades could repeat but not twice in a row). 

The faces began when I made a drawing of a woman that I needed to do in school but that I had not had enough time to do. I did it at home and I was very proud of it. If you want to see a picture of it, please look in the gallery below or check out my post on the exhibit at Kite Studios. Next, I had an art expo of my own at school where I needed to do an autoportrait "Dubuffet style." This is how I became focused on faces.

I took my work to Kite Studios where we cut out a stencil based on the portrait with a laser printer. At school, we were talking about Banksy so my art teacher at Kite Studios thought "Banksy + Dubuffet = super cool Dubuffet themed spray paint!"  We also did a Dubuffet themed 3-D sculpture made flat foam and painted. It has taken several weeks to go through the whole process of making the final result of graffiti art.


I have included a few of my sketches from the Picasso exhibit at the Tate. You can also see these in my Picasso exhibit review on Voice Mag. 

Header Image Credit: Self-portrait Dubuffet Inspired by EM




I love cuddly kittens, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and creative writing. I love to hear your feedback!

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 1 August 2018, 09:47 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    This is brilliant work! I love the use of colour in one of them. Are you going to do the Explore Arts Award next?

  • E M

    On 1 August 2018, 10:30 E M commented:

    Yes, definitely!

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