Unit 2C: Manage Effectiveness

A reflection on where our leadership skills were applied throughout the management and organisation process.

Here I have displayed management interactions from the team. The screenshots contain arrangements made with premises for equipment, the date of the fashion show, last minute model drop-outs and an attempt to obtain a sufficient amount of clothing from another source, as we'd learned that the member providing the clothes may be unable to supply them on the day. We applied our leadership skills in smaller workshops relevant to our art forms, and helped each other out where we could. Although my art form is digital concept art, Ashley was unable to host a fashion related workshop, so Brooke and I volunteered to help children create tie-dye shirts which were fashionable during the 60's. There were times we felt some workshops were left to the last minute, and Brooke and I made the best effort to make up for lost time, namely with the set design. However, through communication, the team did resolve these issues and managed to supply enough resources (posters, shirts, set pieces) before the deadline. Other workshops included paper dress making, and set designing. Those who took part in our workshops said they were highly enjoyable, and were glad to have contributed to the project.

We decided to host the fashion show during  school lunchtime on the 22nd March in the Bernadine Hall as it would mean a potential audience was already on site, and placing promotion around the school would be quick and easy. The start of the fashion show would be 1:00pm, with lunchtime starting at 12:35. This meant the audience had sufficient time to eat while the models prepared and premises help set up sound and set design. The fashion show would last 20 minutes, allowing for around 15 minutes to clear the hall before lunch ended. We also sent out numerous letters so we could keep in contact with the models, and gave them an easy way of contacting members of our team. A survey was sent out that collected the names of girls who would model, and those who would be interested in attending. Also, although Ashley - our clothes supplier - had said she wouldn't  be present on the day of the show, this changed and was able to bring in enough clothes for the 20 models. The show was decidedly free of charge, as there was little money spent on the resources, and the Bernadine Hall was large enough to accommodate a large audience.

As seen from thescreenshots there were a few challenges we faced while setting up the fashion show. We encountered some issues, such as clashing dates which meant contacting people in an effort to change it, and at one point a shortage of clothing. In the end, we had an adequate number of models and clothes. Another problem we encountered was that we were uninformed of a P.E class taking place third period, which prevented us from setting up well in advance. As Tino and I had a free period, we used this time to quickly staple her artistic set designs to the art boards, so we simply had to move them. Ashley had not yet assigned models clothes, so the break time before the show she took them to the selection of clothes she had provided, and assigned their clothing. Chloe had come across an issue with her plan of performing Superstitious live with her newly trained saxophone group, as they had failed to learn their piece. Instead, Chloe recorded herself and it will be played during the fashion show amongst other famous 60's hits. By this time, the dancers who offered to perform a self-choreographed dance dropped out, so we told the models to walk slower and up and down the runway twice to make up for time that would've been dedicated to the dancers. 


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