Unit 2B: Risk Assessment

A list of potential risks and how the team will combat them and minimise any harm.

Unit 2B: Risk Assessment

Another set of issues to consider are the more harmful ones, and some that may breach ethics as well. 

The use of models means as leaders we have the responsibility of protecting them, as well as ourselves, from harm. This goes for the audience as well, and if the show is as successful as we hope, there will be a lot of people to take care of. 

Fire hazards are always a reason to be cautious, as there are many causes for them. From inside the hall, it could be an issue with wiring and circuitry that begins a fire, which means we will need to evacuate everyone from the venue to a safe point. A safe point should be established, though if we book a venue on school grounds, everyone is aware of the drill should a fire take place. There may be an outer cause for the fire, but in any case we should identify a safe point and instruct everyone to file out of the nearest fire exits calmly and safely so as to avoid any injuries. If it is an electrical issue, having professional maintenance on hand will be necessary.

Another risk could be the clothing itself. If models are (with consent) wearing heels down the runway, it is possible that they could trip and fall. This is the case for any model actually, in that for any reason they could injure themselves on the runway. To remedy this, we will have a first aider on site to handle any minor injuries, or take further action if major injuries do occur. In the event that there is a major injury, the fashion show may be halted altogether. The clothing must also be appropriate for the models (eg. not too revealing, too small, too large), and we will do our best to ensure this is not an issue by first doing a dress rehearsal, or a simple try-on of clothes. 

It would not be surprising if a model was absent on the day, dropped out, or was too nervous to walk during the fashion show. Especially in the latter case, it would be highly unethical to force them to walk, so we will have a few back-up models who would be willing to step in at the last minute.

We may also have to control whether food will be allowed into the show. A risk of allowing it would be that it could spill and stain. Stains are less of a harmful risk, but spillages could result in models falling or slipping, and so it would be worth disallowing food during the showing.


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 23 April 2018, 10:41 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Listing risks like these show responsibility. Well done!

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