Janet Devlin’s Triumphant Return: ‘Emotional Rodeo’ Gallops Onto the Scene

Hold onto your hats! The sensational Janet Devlin is back, and she’s not just returning—she’s charging in at an unstoppable pace. 

Janet Devlin’s Triumphant Return: ‘Emotional Rodeo’ Gallops Onto the Scene

Her brand-new country-rock single, 'Emotional Rodeo', released on April 26th via OKGood Records, marks a thrilling prelude to her forthcoming album of the same name, scheduled for later this year.

'Emotional Rodeo' is a powerhouse track that sweeps listeners off their feet and into an untamed sonic adventure. Co-written with Ben Earle of The Shires and Kaity Rae, this single sees Janet embracing the heart of country music while infusing it with her unique Irish charm and a rock 'n' roll edge. The result is an electrifying blend of feral guitar riffs, booming drums, and the soulful cry of a violin, creating a soundscape that’s as wild as the emotions it explores.

Drawing inspiration from her own battles with Borderline Personality Disorder and bipolar disorder, Janet delivers an honest portrayal of love’s tumultuous highs and lows. With 'Emotional Rodeo', she turns her personal struggles into an upbeat anthem, reflecting the intensity of loving fearlessly while grappling with inner demons. It’s a song that many will find deeply relatable, transforming pain into an impactful statement.

Janet’s journey to creating this slice of country-rock took her to the prestigious Blackbird Studio in Nashville, which is echoed in the track effortlessly. Get ready to ride the waves of emotion with Janet Devlin’s 'Emotional Rodeo' - This is one wild musical throwdown you won’t want to miss!

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