Stefski & Hutch share new single "Selling Lies"

Stefski & Hutch's infectious new rock single "Selling Lies" not only captivates with its dynamic sound but also ignites a spark for introspection and inquiry.

At the heart of the track lies a foundation of distorted guitar riffs, pounding drums, and a solid bassline, all coalescing to create an intense yet polished rock aesthetic. But beyond its musical prowess, "Selling Lies" delivers a potent message of empowerment and liberation.

The duo elucidates, "The purpose of the song is to tell the audience to think by themselves and challenge what may seem evident, that’s the price of liberty." It's a rallying cry for autonomy and critical thinking, urging listeners to forge their own path toward truth and understanding.

With verses that pack a heavy-rock punch and an anthemic chorus that embeds itself in the mind, "Selling Lies" takes listeners on a musical journey of exploration and discovery. It's a reminder that amidst the noise and confusion, the power to discern lies within each of us.

As Stefski & Hutch continue to champion tolerance, freedom, and openness through their music, "Selling Lies" is the first preview of their upcoming album. Stay tuned for the music video coming out in a few weeks..


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