Emily Nicole Green's track "Thief" shares raw americana vibes

With the release of her poignant new single "Thief", NYC-based singer-songwriter Emily Nicole Green set the stage for the release of her debut EP, 'Outrunning The Animal'.

This Americana ballad, infused with elements of Jazz, Folk, and Pop, invites listeners on a journey through the depths of emotion, showcasing Emily Nicole Green's raw vulnerability and evocative storytelling.

"Thief" is a window into the soul of its creator. Green bares her heart with lyrics that speak of abandonment and rejection, capturing the ache of love lost and the struggle to reclaim one's sense of self. Through haunting melodies and soul-stirring vocals, she creates a space for listeners to confront their own pain and find solace in shared experiences.

Green's musical journey is one of perseverance and self-discovery. After grappling with anxiety and self-doubt for nearly two decades, she found the courage to pursue her passion for music, channeling her experiences into soul-stirring compositions. Her debut EP, 'Outrunning The Animal', is a testament to her resilience and creative vision, blending Americana with indie-folk, pop, jazz, blues, and country influences.

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